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Competitive Intelligence

CI Gives you an Edge

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A successful competitive intelligence (CI) program does more than simply allow a company to react to market developments; it allows an enterprise to anticipate them. CI is one of the fast growing priorities of corporations poised to penetrate new markets and capture or maintain market dominance.


Our information-driven economy commands a premium for time-sensitive information analysed into tactics and actions for decision-makers. This is not espionage, nor is it spying. CI is bound by legal and ethical boundaries.


The CG Group is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and honours the Society's code of conduct and professional ethics.


CG helped a major financial institution interested in offering a new product and service package to an identified market, but wanting to know the competition and the window of opportunity to market entry. They went from a position of no market presence to market leader in 18 months!


A global conglomerate used The CG Group to track its ownership and major shareholder interests across 16 countries, in addition to identifying the source of well-organized and targeted opposition, as part of an effort to end an international boycott of one of their consumer products.


Well-established as a market leader in a once complacent industry, an American-based international organization engaged The CG Group to help determine its true market position within an emerging area of the business. They were slipping, but not dead.

Turning information into actionable intelligence is an extremely valuable strategic process. Do you know the five forces determining an industry's attractiveness?

Does your market entry strategy satisfy the four critical factors? 

CI ensures a smart entry.




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